Offered By Division T2

The biogas plants offered by TESPL have following features to ensure consistent quality methane rich biogas from biowaste.

  • Fully Automatic mechanized Biogas plant with automatic control on all vital parameters
  • Specially engineered plant for slowly or non-digestible substrate
  • Specially engineered plant to take care of Plant and Animal pathogens
  • Design of Digester tanks as per American Petroleum Institute’s Standards (API)
  • Digester Material of Construction to suit properties of feed waste
  • Online real time monitoring of vital process & performance parameters such as temperature, pH, pressure, flow, biogas composition etc. with data logging facility to ensure consistent quality methane rich biogas from biowaste.
  • Improved fermentation process through improved food and microorganism contact through adequate agitation.
  • Digester tank internals designed to minimize unwanted bacteria growth
  • Stable digester environment for generation of consistent quality and uniform flow of methane rich biogasfrom biowaste.
  • Supported by Modern Laboratory having facility for process optimization for yield enhancement.
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