Biomethanation Plants for Dairies
Offered By Division T2

TESPL offers customized designs of Biomethantion / Biogas Plants for Dairies. Waste is generated in dairies in several forms such as, Mother Liquor, Delactose Permeate water, Condensed water and Rejected Raw/Dairy waste water. These wastes have good biogas generation potential.

  • Utilization of Biogas
    • Electricity
    • Heat Energy
    • Chilling / Cold Storage
    • Cooking Fuel
    • NPK rich fertilizer
  • Challenges
    Challenges involved in designing Biogas Plants for Dairies are,
    • Availability of space
    • High costs of transportation of wastes to landfill sites
    • Pathogens
    • Maintaining hygienic conditions in the premises
    • Distribution / Utilization of Biogas
    The Biomethantion / Biogas Plants for Dairies offered by TESPL overcome all the above challenges.
  • Features
    • Decentralized energy generation through cogeneration option
    • Disposal of waste at source meeting pollution norms
    • Partly or completely replaces fuel requirements of dairy
    • Maintains hygiene and cleanliness of surroundings through destruction of pathogenic organisms
    • Controlled fermentation
    • Continuous flow of consistent quality methane rich Biogas
    • Online real time performance monitoring system with data logging facility
    • Ideal Bacterial Consortia for effective fermentation
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